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Warm and spicy; Oats, and honey from our Canadian hives. Smells cinnamon-y spiciness both from eastern to western cinnamon. Visually mind cleansing experience  with tranquilizing wonderful magical colors & elements. This peice is highly textured and an excellent addition to any collector art lover, it brings peace and positivity to any room of your estate. 

Pure and lovely ingredients: more than 1000+ grams of paint has been used in this peace. White, grey, yellow, red, pink...

- Acrylic on canvas
- 19.75" x 13.75"
- 2021



I paint and color naturally with emotions and feelings that happens and belongs to that exact moment my brush was flowing over the canvas. Every stroke is full of love, emotions, and feelings that i expressed on that canvas. Therefore each and every peice of art made by me "Noelle Lalonde" is a special & super unique peice. Whoever the collector is, you are special, you have original work full of love, feelings, and heavenly gifted creativity & talent.


Every painting gets sufficient time during the curing process, the scents may have weakened a bit from the external surface of the paint. Be assured that the scent on the inside will be stronger visually the more you stare into it. Likewise, colors may vary, they will keep getting more and more attractive and glowy, the paint will continue renewing itself and colors never fadeaway.


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Oats and Honey

SKU: 14
  • Original painting on canvas. 

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