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b. 1993 Ontario, Canada


BFA Drawing and Painting, OCAD University

Represented by Muse Gallery, Toronto


“Noelle Lalonde is a painter's painter. She approaches the canvas without preconceived notions and allows the process to guide her through the painting. In her most recent works, she uses flora and fauna as her base or jumping off point then ‘takes the plunge’ and immerses herself in the development of the painting as it occurs, responding to every mark with a keenly developed improvisational style.


Lalonde relishes the pure colour and movement of paint on the surface. She ‘listens’ to the paint. She has worked out her own visual language through years of experimentation and exploration.


While reference based, Lalonde has a multidimensional aspect to her work, objects are analyzed, broken up and reformed. These are sophisticated paintings with a keen sense of colour, gesture and division of space. Like a tangle of vines, her paintings invite you to travel through them and explore the sensations that arise from the colours and forms.


In an era when figuration, animal and flower painting have but few sturdy adherents, Lalonde follows her inclinations. She clearly enjoys creating an individual capture of light within the paintings, its source, its play on the subjects, its push and pull into near shadow. The outside world has made an appearance inside and truly has a life of its own.”


- Written by Jay Belmore, Director of Muse Gallery


Lalonde is an emerging artist and a 2018 graduate of the Drawing and Painting program at OCAD University. Her work can be found in private and corporate collections across Canada, Australia, England, the United States, Mexico, The Bahamas, and Germany. She is currently living and working in Guelph, Ontario.



Select Exhibition History


  • Lemon Lime, solo show, Muse Gallery, Toronto ON


  • Coming Home, solo show, 3rd Floor Gallery, Guelph ON

  • Eternal Bonds, solo show, Muse Gallery, Toronto ON

  • Own the Light, group show, Muse Gallery, Toronto ON

  • Winter Group Show, Muse Gallery, Toronto ON


  • PLAYACAR, solo show, ÓLEO Cancún Playa, Cancun MX

  • Rotating Exhibition, Galerie Bloom, Montreal, QC


  • NUEVOS, solo show, Muse Gallery, Toronto ON

  • A New Day, group show, Muse Gallery, Toronto, ON

  • FLORALS 2021, juried show by Taiga Bently, Aird Gallery, Toronto, ON


  • OURS, duo exhibition, Darren Gallery, Toronto ON

  • Group Show, Muse Gallery, Toronto ON


  • Group Show, Muse Gallery, Toronto ON


  • Into the Woods, solo show, Necessary Arts Company, Guelph ON

  • Group Show, Muse Gallery, Toronto ON


  • Reflections, group show, 10 Carden, Guelph ON 

  • Salon of Inclusiveness: Holiday Show, Black Cat Artspace, Toronto ON

  • Group Show, Muse Gallery, Toronto ON 

  • GradEX102, OCAD University, Toronto ON 


  • Group Show, Muse Gallery, Toronto ON

  • Thesis Group Show, OCAD University, Toronto ON


  • Elastic Effect, Gallery 52, OCAD University, Toronto ON


  • Drawing Exhibition, Transit Space, OCAD University, Toronto ON

  • face2face: postcard project 2012, Transit Space, OCAD University, Toronto ON

  • Chalk Murals, Art on the Street, Guelph ON


2017      OCAD University, Bachelor of Fine Arts Drawing and Painting, Toronto, ON 


Coming Home by Noelle Lalonde, Wyndham Art Supplies 3rd Floor Gallery Digital Publication, 2023
Noelle Lalonde Into The Woods, Guelph Arts Council Digital Publication by Katie Wilde, 2018

Project 17, OCAD University Drawing & Painting Catalogue, 2017 


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